Good bye 2017, hello January and 2018


And sew it begins, January 1 is the beginning of a fresh start, a new day a new year.  And happily the start of the 52 Week Sewing Challenge. The neat thing about this challenge is that while there is a theme each week, it doesn’t mean you have to follow those themes. January’s themes run as follows:

  • Jan 1-7: Sew something warm or soft
  • Jan 8-14: Sew something from the last fabric you purchased
  • Jan 15-21: Sew something to make sewing easier
  • Jan 22-28: Sew something for a boy

For this month, my plan is to stick with the sewing themes and pick patterns that fit in these categories listed.

  • Something Warm or soft I will be using a current pattern test for the brand Annelaine. 
  • Sew something from the last fabric I have several packages I purchased so I am going to have to see what inspires me with the 3 packages.
  • Sew something to make sewing easier I received the Sew Together bag by Sew Demented for a Christmas gift and I believe I am going to make it.
  • Sew something for a Boy My son has asked for another dice bag, I may make him one of those or maybe a new shirt. He has also asked for reusable snack bags for school and a new wet bag for swim season, so I have lots of options to choose from.

So wish me luck during this first month!

Happy crafting.


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