Week 2: The Last Fabric I Bought…

So here we are getting close to finishing up Week 2 of the 52 Week Sewing Challenge and this time its all about using your fabric up. Specifically the last fabric you purchased, which for me happened to be a set of strike off fabrics from K’s Closet Hillsborough. Challenge Accepted!


Aren’t these just the cutest!

Sweet Pea is all about unicorns and llamacorns so I knew she would be super excited about getting these in. #hippocorns are super fun!

About the fabric itself, this was my first time purchasing from K’s Closet. The cotton lycra has a nice in hand weight, and the colors look like the water colored design the artist was going for. After washing there was a bit of shrinking but not anything that is out of the realm of normal for a custom printed fabric. Take a minute to check them out, they are running a fantastic sale right now for $5 off current retail. Check out their K’s Closet Facebook Group here.

I decided I was going to go with the Sofilantjes Regem shirt (I have made this for my big but never the littlest one) because I felt like the colorblocking would look amazing with the rainbow and hippo coordinates. And I believe that I was not disappointed. Sofilantjes is an International pattern designer but she offers patterns in English. Her stuff comes together beautifully and she offers a large variety of sizing (my preteen is even able to still wear this shirt and he straddles children and adult sizing). Don’t be afraid to take the leap to do color blocking because the instructions are thorough and the results are lovely.

Additionally, since the designer of  Rad Patterns is a big fan of unicorns and a hippocorn is her favorite critter, I made our very favorite lounge pants from her line- The Long John Jammers. I did perform a bit of a hack for them and added a skirt because my daughter is into all things roller derby and was insistent upon a tutu added to them. In this case compromising with an almost 4 year old allowed me to get away with just adding the skirt. I love this pattern because the legs have a relaxed rather than tight fit; fitting more like a jogger than traditional legging, which allows for lots of running, playing and exploring which is important to Baby O.

The hack of this pattern was super simple, I took Sweet Pea’s waist measurement divided by 4 for the waist part. I then measured how long from her waist to the point I wanted her skirt to stop. I transferred that measurement (in this case 8 inches) to each side of the waist measuring down in several spots along the waist. After that I filled in the lines and cut out the skirt. When attaching it, I sandwiched the skirt between the pants and waistband when attaching.

I had no idea that Sweet Pea would love this outfit so much but she said that she is a Roller Derby Queen in it and I couldn’t agree more!


And a few more just because I am super tickled with how adorable this fabric is.

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