Week 6: Sew Something Red or Pink

Welcome to Week 6 and my second post with the Sewing with Ti Blog Tour. In sticking with the 52 week challenge I am really stretching myself with sewing something red and pink but that I have never sewn before. I am working with a German pattern this week. I have always wanted to try an International pattern but have been way to scared to attempt it. Bbbbbuuuuuuutttttt my daughter asked for a special Owlette inspired jacket and so off to look for something that would work. I told my husband that I was nervous and he told me why, there is Google Translate so off to purchase I went.

I went with the Kinderheitsheld/IN Kombi E-book (Super Hero Sweatshirt Jacket Combination E-book- meaning it includes a pattern for boys and girls) by KillerTashe. To start off this pattern comes in a zip file with sooo many files, broken down by boys files and girls files with a gender neutral file that has the cape and sleeves. Additionally the files are broken down by sizing. When talking to some of my sewing friends the biggest thing that holds them back from International patterns is the sizing, its confusing because it is metric but also because it is very different from US pattern sizing. I am including a chart for easy reference and a conversion calculator but essentially what you want to remember is that most patterns are based on height once you convert from imperial measurement to metric it makes it easier to begin.

Sweet Pea is 37.5 inches, for the conversion she is roughly 95 cm so I went with the 98 cm pattern pieces.

I sat down with google translate and my instruction book and got to work translating so that when I sat down to sew I could focus on sewing. I learned quickly that the pattern did not include seam allowances which is fine, its a simple enough thing to add them in. In the end, the instructions were not as bad as I had expected but I am happy I took the time to translate the pattern prior to sewing rather than going back and forth translating while sewing. In general the instructions we fairly clear and very well illustrated. I did find I personally did not care about the method of zipper installation. But over all it wasn’t terrible, and I made notes for the next time on the off chance I need to make another one to use a different zipper installation method.

I used a really lovely red cotton lycra and tubular lycra supplied from Central TX Fabric & Craft Supplies. That made the details of the jacket pop.

I love when you learn new skills sewing, and even more the feeling oc accomplishment of completing some thing new.

In the end, Sweet Pea loved it because now she can be Owlette (she made me add the snap piece because Owlette has one on her costume and she picked the black zipper and requested the cape be permanently attached) and wouldn’t stand still because she was spinning into becoming Owlette.

I found the fit to be slim cut yet generous AND I loved working with the tubular knit which I think will allow for lots of play as she grows!

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