Week 7: Sew something with Hearts

***** This post is a week behind due to flu in the house!

This week I used a new fabric place for my 52 Week Sewing Challenge, Seweird Fabric Shop. I was so lucky to win a random drawing from the group and was sent some really lovely lightweight coral color cotton lycra with fun mint colored hearts and realized it was the perfect fabric for Sweet Pea’s Friendship party at school this week!

I was lucky enough during the grand opening week to win a yard of a beautiful lightweight coral fabric with mint colored hearts.


My son picked these fabrics for his shirt because he wanted to match his sister. For both shirts I used Pickle Toes Patterns. For my son, I used the Taylor tee since he chose multiple fabrics. For Sweet Pea I used the Sweet Pickles tee but made quite a few modifications to create a slouchy sweatshirt style top.

For the Bear’s top he decided he wanted the gummy bears to be the main focus with the heart fabric more on display at the top shoulder. I cut the Taylor Tee out which comes with 5 panels for the front shirt. We figured out together that he wanted pieces 1 and 2 paired together, pieces 3 and 4 together and 5 to be left as the stripes to tie the sleeves and neckband into the shirt. I removed the seam allowance then taped the appropriate pieces together, from there it was normal construction of the Taylor tee.

For Sweet Pea, I wanted a baggy cozy sweatshirt feel. So I took the Sweet Pickle Tee and had fun playing with it a bit. First, I cut 2 backs for the shirt. I did this because I knew I wanted a boatneck style neckline and it made altering the neckline I wanted easier to use 2 backs, since I needed them to be the same dip and length. In the construction process, I had to sew one shoulder first then apply the neckband, rather than applying it in the round so that it was closed on the opposite shoulder (this made it so I did not have to do any math for the neckband). Next, I used the long sleeve to draw out a bell shaped sleeve because I just love this style of sleeve on the little one. Finally, I doubled the height of the waistband. Then I called the top finished. Both kids love their new shirts and were so excited to wear them for their friendship day parties!



Challenge- Sew something with hearts- accepted

Fabric- Seweird’s Fabrics for the hearts, Stripes Kimmy Snabric, gummy bears purchased on destash

Patterns- Pickle Toes Patterns Taylor Tee, Sweet Pickle Tee

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