Feature Pattern Post: The Spirited Dress from Candace Ayala Patterns

Good morning all!

Last week was spent very slow dealing with illness and this week was spent catching up on all my work😊.

So today’s post is focusing on a brand new pattern designer- Candace Ayala Patterns. If you are a pattern tester or strike off sewist chances are you are familiar with Candace Ayala via another Facebook group – SewingPortfolio Community. And if you aren’t you should totally join the community. Candace has been instrumental in building a community that focuses on portfolio building for sewists. In the Facebook group, there are both fabric and pattern calls for new talent frequently. On SewingPortfolio.com, you can organize your sewing work, keep track of your progress and growth as both a sewist and photographer plus apply for a variety of tests. It was through SewingPortfolio.com that I answered the call for a promo/blog hop that brought me to Candace’s first pattern.


So here we are ready to focus on the pattern. This pattern is named The Spirited Dress for the high spirit of her daughter, which fits right in to my style of sewing for Sweet Pea. This, as a first pattern for a designer is pretty great; sizing runs 2-9, it has a beautiful Queen Anne neckline, the option for facings or a full lining (which I prefer), circle skirt, and a bonus undie/panty shorts pattern that works wonderfully over Sweet Pea’s diapered bum.


I love the idea of reflecting your child’s spirit into the dress. Sweet Pea’s spirit is high flying, wind tangling her hair and constant joy lighting her face so I knew it was time to finally use our paper airplane fabric I had gotten during a destash. She has been begging me for weeks for “HHHUUUUUUGGGGEEE paper planes momma” and this was definitely our opportunity.


It’s a great first pattern for a designer but even more exciting is the fact that this pattern launches in One Thimble Issue 18 * is a huge deal. Grab your pattern from the One Thimble link above while its on sale there.

photo editor_sylyom857485906..jpg

***affiliate links are included in this post

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