Week 16: Sew Something for an Animal

I took a bit of a break from sewing since my big kids came to town. I have been really focused on enjoying this summer with my kiddos and now I am back to catch up on the weekly posts! My next posts may be shorter than they normally are just because I am trying to catch up on the weeks that I have been away.

So this week is sew something for an animal week, and I maaaayyyy be stretching it a bit to say the animal/s I am sewing for are stuffed animals. I have had the Stuffed Animal Ball  from Max & Meena ( Free with code if you join their Facebook Group) And had intended on making these for my daughter’s 4th birthday but sooo many projects so little time!!!

I debated back and forth about making the Jumbo size or the Large for my petite girl. The struggle was real because even though its pretty epic to have a way to stuff up a bean bag chair with all the kids lovies, the ball couldn’t be so big that she cannot move it around by herself and standing at 37.5 inches, she’s an itty bitty thing. So I set off making the Large just to be sure. Boy was I glad that I went with it.

in the ball

Sweet Pea could literally stand up inside of it and us zip it up:

as tall as she is

Pay no attention to that messy floor, but maybe I should have gone with the small size-lol.

It was a very easy project to make, making it perfect for the beginner looking to give a fun gift or just to have a way to get all those stuffies out of the bed and off the floor. I would say start to finish it took me longer to cut it out than it did to actually sew it up. And as you can see from the great fill up, there are tons of animals that fit into the ball.

all the animals

I was worried looking at them spread all over the floor like that, there would be no way to get everything into that ball, let alone have room to spare. But I was wrong….

all in

Everything fit plus had plenty of room. I love that I can make multiples of these as blanket or stuffie collections grow, I can quickly sew up another one and stack it on top.


She definitely loved it and after my tween saw it he had to have the Jumbo one because he wanted to put his winter blanket in it so that it wasn’t on his bed during the summer and rumor has it my older son has been seen lounging on it more frequently than his own bed!

Definitely head over to Max&Meena’s FB page to get your code for your free copy, if you have kiddos or sew for kiddos its such a great sew!.


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