Week 26: Sew Something with Stars

Week 26, here we are officially half way into the year! This week, I accepted the challenge by sewing up lots of new panties for my potty training pre-schooler. I was lucky enough to get to test the Hip Keeney pattern from Plucky Butterfly Designs patterns.


Right away I knew I would love testing for Pam. She does an immediate check in with measuring her 1 inch square and requires that members of her test place photos either in pm to her or to the dropbox link she shares with you. Because these are panties and exposing children, I really appreciate the trouble that Pam goes to so that my child is safe during this test. She is also quite specific with what photos are acceptable and deletes all photos during the various phases. I felt very comfortable working with her because of her attention to detail and her concern that no child is to be exposed.


Another really nice feature to working with Pam is that she has comfort in mind for kids with sensory and medical issues, which is fabulous for Sweet Pea since she experiences tummy bloat from her thyroid meds. I also love how the crotch seam on these panties are completely enclosed. Pam provides excellent instructions but for those that struggle there is also a video provided!

I love this pattern and while I made several for Sweet Pea, I look forward to the ladies version for me and hopefully working with Pam again as a tester! Check out all the pairs I made here—>


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