Sew Thankful

It’s the month where people begin to get together with their families. They start posting on the first all the things they are thankful for; and I am always running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off🐔because the month known for Thanksgiving is the month I became the thing I am most grateful for- a mom! Today, is actually his birthday- Happy Birthday to my Baby Bear🎂🎉.

It’s my favorite time of the year with all the get togethers, the potential for snow AND lots of inspiration for hostess gifts and stocking stuffers. It’s also a time that I participate in a craft swap and get to look for lots of smaller projects to create the perfect gift!

In November, we always plan teacher gifts too. Because we are so thankful for the contributions that teachers make to my children and their growth, we try veru hard to come up with something that shows how much we appreciate them.

My son prefers handmades for the teachers which means we have to plan the gifts to be quick and eazy plus not require a ton of fabric (since he can have up to 6 plus my daughter has several teachers; there have been years I have made 15 gifts). My son was looking through my pinterest boards and wasn’t overly inspired by the gift ideas and came across bowl cozies and decided that would be the gift of the holiday!



Have you even seen them? They are microwavable and provide the perfect layer to protect hands from hot (and cold) food items.

So off we went to the store to find 100% cotton batting. Most tutorials say specifically to use wrap and zap but we could not find it locally so I went with 100% natural unbleached cotton batting. The other important thing about making something that can be microwaved is to use all cotton thread (also hard for me to source locally).

The tutorial I used can be found here. It was a fast sew (it took me 30 minutes cutting fabric to snipping the last thread on my first pair.) Which is vital when sewing a pair for each teacher on the list- I’ll be making 11 pairs total for teachers this year.


I love a simple project that takes small amounts of fabric and works up quickly. I love that they are reversible too!



Now its off to find soup mix recipes that we can make to put in mason jars, then sew 10 more sets. I think my son did a great job finding a cozy gift that really will make our educators feel like we appreciate them!

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