Week 2: sew an UFO (Unfinished Object)

So here we are rumbling into the 2nd week of the 52 Week Sewing Challenge and this week has been rough. The shutdown lumbers on making it hard for me to be motivated, and now we are at the point where financial stress is making it hard on me.

But I looked through my stack of unfinished stuff and found this skirt from a pattern test that I never used. I may have run out of time with a sick kiddo😂

It is the skirt from the Tammy from Eunoia Patterns. Since Joseph still hasn’t gone back to work, I couldn’t reprint the top to finish it. So many cute options with this fully woven dress. I think this was supposed to be the tunic length skirt. (Isn’t that fabric adorable!)

After thinking most of the week on how I would finish it, I decided to sew one of Sweet Pea’s favorite tshirt patterns the Loxie Eagans from Rain City Patterns since I have it printed and ready to go.

I love how the fit of this is slimmer and works well with Sweet Pea’s narrow little body. I ended up sizing up for her so she will get lots of wear out of this dress.

In the end I feel like it turned out pretty cute!

Some day soon I will take professional photos of Sweet Pea in it but for now these will have to do.

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