Sew Family Jammies 2020 Blog Tour

I love pajamas. As a stay at home parent, I am often in pajamas more than any other clothing item. Especially during the winter time. I love being snuggled up in flannel or brushed poly. My children often spend a large portion of the weekends snuggled up in jammies too!

I was stoked to see that there was an amazing tour that focuses on making jammies for the family. And I was equally excited about my son wanting to have an “old timey nightgown” but with short sleeves. I was really excited to see that Rad Patterns just launched a new woven nightgown pattern Vintage Lounge Dress that would fit Baby Bear’s requirements and be able to be used for Sweet Pea.

Initially, I wanted to make all matching jammies but I bought Sweet Pea’s flannel a couple of weeks prior to the tour and didn’t have enough flannel to make both kids something so I let my son pick what he wanted. He choose the cute little french bulldog print.

We also went with calf length and because the boy has grown so much this last few months I opted for leaving the length since he will just keep growing. We elected for no ruffle.

For Sweet Pea, she is all about ruffles and was really happy to have a floor length option and a pretty cuff. This is a really great pattern and the designer’s stuff always fit both my hard to fit kiddos so well.

After finishing up their pjs, I realized I yet again did not have the correct amount of flannel for pants for me but I got some really lovely baby French terry that would make some cuddly and warm pj pants for me.

I chose the wide leg Parisian Pants from Winter Wear Designs and like many of Suzanne’s patterns, they are easy to follow and a fast sew. I didn’t even have to adjust for my height because the length on these were the perfect length.

I have made lots of jammies for kids all at different times but this is the first time I took requests and I feel like everything turned out great. And for the first time I have actually made jammies for opening gifts!

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