Week 16: Sew Something for an Animal

I took a bit of a break from sewing since my big kids came to town. I have been really focused on enjoying this summer with my kiddos and now I am back to catch up on the weekly posts! My next posts may be shorter than they normally are just because I am trying to catch up on the weeks that I have been away.

So this week is sew something for an animal week, and I maaaayyyy be stretching it a bit to say the animal/s I am sewing for are stuffed animals. I have had the Stuffed Animal Ball  from Max & Meena ( Free with code if you join their Facebook Group) And had intended on making these for my daughter’s 4th birthday but sooo many projects so little time!!!

I debated back and forth about making the Jumbo size or the Large for my petite girl. The struggle was real because even though its pretty epic to have a way to stuff up a bean bag chair with all the kids lovies, the ball couldn’t be so big that she cannot move it around by herself and standing at 37.5 inches, she’s an itty bitty thing. So I set off making the Large just to be sure. Boy was I glad that I went with it.

in the ball

Sweet Pea could literally stand up inside of it and us zip it up:

as tall as she is

Pay no attention to that messy floor, but maybe I should have gone with the small size-lol.

It was a very easy project to make, making it perfect for the beginner looking to give a fun gift or just to have a way to get all those stuffies out of the bed and off the floor. I would say start to finish it took me longer to cut it out than it did to actually sew it up. And as you can see from the great fill up, there are tons of animals that fit into the ball.

all the animals

I was worried looking at them spread all over the floor like that, there would be no way to get everything into that ball, let alone have room to spare. But I was wrong….

all in

Everything fit plus had plenty of room. I love that I can make multiples of these as blanket or stuffie collections grow, I can quickly sew up another one and stack it on top.


She definitely loved it and after my tween saw it he had to have the Jumbo one because he wanted to put his winter blanket in it so that it wasn’t on his bed during the summer and rumor has it my older son has been seen lounging on it more frequently than his own bed!

Definitely head over to Max&Meena’s FB page to get your code for your free copy, if you have kiddos or sew for kiddos its such a great sew!.


Week 7: Sew something with Hearts

***** This post is a week behind due to flu in the house!

This week I used a new fabric place for my 52 Week Sewing Challenge, Seweird Fabric Shop. I was so lucky to win a random drawing from the group and was sent some really lovely lightweight coral color cotton lycra with fun mint colored hearts and realized it was the perfect fabric for Sweet Pea’s Friendship party at school this week!

I was lucky enough during the grand opening week to win a yard of a beautiful lightweight coral fabric with mint colored hearts.


My son picked these fabrics for his shirt because he wanted to match his sister. For both shirts I used Pickle Toes Patterns. For my son, I used the Taylor tee since he chose multiple fabrics. For Sweet Pea I used the Sweet Pickles tee but made quite a few modifications to create a slouchy sweatshirt style top.

For the Bear’s top he decided he wanted the gummy bears to be the main focus with the heart fabric more on display at the top shoulder. I cut the Taylor Tee out which comes with 5 panels for the front shirt. We figured out together that he wanted pieces 1 and 2 paired together, pieces 3 and 4 together and 5 to be left as the stripes to tie the sleeves and neckband into the shirt. I removed the seam allowance then taped the appropriate pieces together, from there it was normal construction of the Taylor tee.

For Sweet Pea, I wanted a baggy cozy sweatshirt feel. So I took the Sweet Pickle Tee and had fun playing with it a bit. First, I cut 2 backs for the shirt. I did this because I knew I wanted a boatneck style neckline and it made altering the neckline I wanted easier to use 2 backs, since I needed them to be the same dip and length. In the construction process, I had to sew one shoulder first then apply the neckband, rather than applying it in the round so that it was closed on the opposite shoulder (this made it so I did not have to do any math for the neckband). Next, I used the long sleeve to draw out a bell shaped sleeve because I just love this style of sleeve on the little one. Finally, I doubled the height of the waistband. Then I called the top finished. Both kids love their new shirts and were so excited to wear them for their friendship day parties!



Challenge- Sew something with hearts- accepted

Fabric- Seweird’s Fabrics for the hearts, Stripes Kimmy Snabric, gummy bears purchased on destash

Patterns- Pickle Toes Patterns Taylor Tee, Sweet Pickle Tee

This post may contain affiliate links

Week 5: Something from a Newly Purchased Pattern

Sew something from a newly purchased pattern is on the schedule for this week and quite honestly I have so many patterns that I had quite the time trying to figure out what exactly I wanted to make. I rarely buy patterns for myself but had received a couple from a good friend. So off to figure out what I wanted to make. I ended up settling on the Cozy Wrap Cardigan from Halla Patterns.

I opted for this pattern over a stack of others 1) because I live in Vermont and I am always cold, 2) I recently lost 40lbs and I need new cardigans and warm layering items because most of my stuff is 2 or 3 sizes too big now.

So next it was off to pick fabrics. I opted for a cozy wool blend lycra I got from Central TX Fabrics (hi Brehan and Justina) that I had been hoarding from one of my first purchases with Central TX. It is lightweight yet cozy and the most brilliant shade of green. For the cuffs, waistband and collar, I chose to use a fabulous print that I was lucky enough to win, called Unicorntopia from MK Designs.


I jumped right in, without making a muslin and it was a HUGE mistake. Completing the first version of this top took maybe 30 minutes of sewing time since I was using a serger.  The adjustments I had to make to the top however took quite a bit of time and unpicking bleeping serger stitches.

In the end I started with the size 20 based on the measurement chart provided but it was so big and sloppy. Typically, I have to do a full bust adjustment but with where my measurements fell according to the chart I should have been fine. I unfortunately was not. I won’t say that this is a pattern issue because had I done a muslin; I would have known that the size 20 is way too big and that I would ultimately change the depth of the armscye as well as the shoulder width and take in the waist and hips. I also found that the band was way too long initially causing rippling and for the band to poke out in a strange way (I really wish I had taken photos and not a video since I cant post a video here). In the end I probably need to go down two sizes (and that was with the fabric I was using having two way stretch), but I made the adjustments so the fit is good for me and I am very happy in the end with the finished product. So how did I fix it, I took apart all the seams and basically started over. I did leave the neckband on but I think in the future I will fold over the neck cowl rather than gathering it because I found the neckline to be a bit floppy rather than laying neatly. I cut the depth I needed for a narrower shoulder and using the pattern as a base was able to use my new armscye to create a longer piece (I added approximately 2 inches to the height of the armscye over all). I took away close to 3 inches in the waist and almost 4 in the hips. In the end the overall result has me quite happy. What do you think?

I finally did it, I am done!

Good bye 2017, hello January and 2018


And sew it begins, January 1 is the beginning of a fresh start, a new day a new year.  And happily the start of the 52 Week Sewing Challenge. The neat thing about this challenge is that while there is a theme each week, it doesn’t mean you have to follow those themes. January’s themes run as follows:

  • Jan 1-7: Sew something warm or soft
  • Jan 8-14: Sew something from the last fabric you purchased
  • Jan 15-21: Sew something to make sewing easier
  • Jan 22-28: Sew something for a boy

For this month, my plan is to stick with the sewing themes and pick patterns that fit in these categories listed.

  • Something Warm or soft I will be using a current pattern test for the brand Annelaine. 
  • Sew something from the last fabric I have several packages I purchased so I am going to have to see what inspires me with the 3 packages.
  • Sew something to make sewing easier I received the Sew Together bag by Sew Demented for a Christmas gift and I believe I am going to make it.
  • Sew something for a Boy My son has asked for another dice bag, I may make him one of those or maybe a new shirt. He has also asked for reusable snack bags for school and a new wet bag for swim season, so I have lots of options to choose from.

So wish me luck during this first month!

Happy crafting.


52 Weeks of Sewing…

So here we are gearing up to start lots of fun new sewing adventures.

To get me motivated and keep me sewing I decided I am going to chronicle the 52 week sewing challenge adventure I decided to participate in. Along the way I’m hoping to participate in some blog toursnd share my pattern testing adventures.

The 52 Week Sewing Challenge came from a post in one of the sewing groups I am in and I think its going to be quite the challenge. It boast close to 600 members, kicks off January 1st and there are themes each week and sponsors offering discounts! If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, come join the party here–> 52 Weeks Sewing Challenge Facebook Group

I am so thrilled to be joining in and trying something to stretch myself as a sewist, I hope you’ll join my adventures.


Happy Crafting😊

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