MCM Tilly Dress

This month has been busy. Busy with illness, busy with pattern testing and busy with trying to find a rhythm for my sewing. This is a special bonus post for a pattern that I started testing a while ago with The MCM Studio Designs. Linda Joyner Lehn has fabulous dress patterns with classical looks. If you are looking for lovely woven fabric patterns, MCM is the place for you.


The Tilly Dress is listed as an intermediate pattern since it uses methods such as burrito method for lining the bodice and sewing curves. The dress has a kimono inspired bodice with sleeve flounces and the option of a single or double layered skirt with ruffles. A very nice feature of the dress is the fact there are no zippers or buttons making this a relatively quick sew, even with doing hand gathering for the skirts and ruffles😊.

I had originally planned on using my tester version and upcycling and altering it to focus on hacking the pattern because while Olivia loves the dress as it is, she keeps wanting to wear pants with it (silly Sweet Pea). But honestly with me getting flu that has lingered so much longer than has expected, and a seriously lack of awesome woven pant patterns on the market, I just had more ideas in my head and not enough time to work! So I may do another bonus post next month and feature the hack then😉


It really is an adorable dress with lots of twirl factor and is sure to make your little one feel like a princess. This pattern is temporarily on sale for $5 and youcan get a code for an additional 10% off by heading over to the MCM Facebook Group.


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