Week 18: Sew a Purse or Wallet

I love big bags! And this week’s challenge was perfect for using this amazing Supernatural Strike off I got from Kimmy Snabric. Isn’t it beautiful? It’s title is called Family business and ran on bamboo and cotton lycra as well as a luscious stretch woven, which is what I made this bag with.

I went into the challenge knowing that I wanted to sew a Blue Calla Patterns Hosta bag and even had a different fabric all cut out and partially sewn when this fabric came to me.

Why this bag? Because I had been looking for a big enough bag to carry my camera and a variety of small child gear for when we go on some of our adventures. We often had to carry a bag for the camera and a bag for the tiniest human in our house stuffed with a baby carrier, a few toys, diapers, you get the picture. I felt like this bag could be big enough to house the camera insert and fit the other needs perfectly. (I will be blogging about the camera insert later).

So off I went to cut out a whole new bag. I find the instructions for the pattern clearly written and it was quite fun constructing the bag itself. I will say that my Viking handled the layers like a champ, but since I was using faux leather, I would recommend using your Teflon foot if you have one (or placing tape on the underside of the foot you are using if you don’t) to help with preventing sticking that can happen with it.


I hated making the strap and I think for my next one I will modify the bag to have a ring toward the bottom center and do a tie strap so I can use it as a backpack too because the size is absolutely perfect!


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