I’m a mom, a dreamer, a foodie, and wildly disorganized. I take on too many projects and catch myself rambling about silly stuff but I love my husband and babies. My love language is making a home full of chaos and love for them. I am often caught in the mire of daily life with snippets of anxiety leading me to moments of sheer genius (even if no one else realizes it) or madness.

My family consists of my husband Joe, Joseph or Daddy as he is often referred to in our house is my rock and the love of my life AND life partner. He talks me off the ledge I sometimes put myself on with my anxiety. Together we are raising 2 children full time and 2 part time. Olivia is the smallest human in the house at close to 4 years old, she has CHARGE Syndrome and often is the recipient of my voracious sewing and is commonly referred to as Sweet Pea or Baby Cakes or Baby O. Next, is our pre-teen 10 year old Lucas, he is a funny, quirky kid taking after me with a quick smile or hug. He is frequently referred to as Baby Bear (though he would prefer I just leave it at Bear now) or Wooks. Then we have our 15 year old Ady and 13 year old Jack, my bonus babies and frequently referred collectively as the Bigs or A and J. We have a cat, named Leia and look to be adding a Han (or a Rey) to the brood in the near future.

I am a fan of Star Wars (look for something special during May for May the 4th be with you and again in December for a special tribute to Carrie Fisher), Supernatural and Gilmore Girls. I like to workout early in the morning, go to bed early and get up way too early. Thanks for joining me on my journey.

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