Sew Family Jammies 2020 Blog Tour

I love pajamas. As a stay at home parent, I am often in pajamas more than any other clothing item. Especially during the winter time. I love being snuggled up in flannel or brushed poly. My children often spend a large portion of the weekends snuggled up in jammies too!

I was stoked to see that there was an amazing tour that focuses on making jammies for the family. And I was equally excited about my son wanting to have an “old timey nightgown” but with short sleeves. I was really excited to see that Rad Patterns just launched a new woven nightgown pattern Vintage Lounge Dress that would fit Baby Bear’s requirements and be able to be used for Sweet Pea.

Initially, I wanted to make all matching jammies but I bought Sweet Pea’s flannel a couple of weeks prior to the tour and didn’t have enough flannel to make both kids something so I let my son pick what he wanted. He choose the cute little french bulldog print.

We also went with calf length and because the boy has grown so much this last few months I opted for leaving the length since he will just keep growing. We elected for no ruffle.

For Sweet Pea, she is all about ruffles and was really happy to have a floor length option and a pretty cuff. This is a really great pattern and the designer’s stuff always fit both my hard to fit kiddos so well.

After finishing up their pjs, I realized I yet again did not have the correct amount of flannel for pants for me but I got some really lovely baby French terry that would make some cuddly and warm pj pants for me.

I chose the wide leg Parisian Pants from Winter Wear Designs and like many of Suzanne’s patterns, they are easy to follow and a fast sew. I didn’t even have to adjust for my height because the length on these were the perfect length.

I have made lots of jammies for kids all at different times but this is the first time I took requests and I feel like everything turned out great. And for the first time I have actually made jammies for opening gifts!

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Sew Festive Holiday!

It’s that time of year when we start working on holiday gift ideas. I really love including at least one handmade gift for my children so this year I am making several gifts from the Winter Wear Designs 12 Days freebie items to figure out what I actually want to make.

This post I am all about the stocking stuffers and small gifts that won’t take very long for last minute gifts….

I wanted to work on a variety of projects that will free me up from last minute rushing that seems to always happen at the beginning of winter break. I listed my projects in order of published dates but I worked on them 20 minutes here and there over a few days.

The Animal Scarf: I really love this pattern. It is super cute and quick (except for trying to decide which features to give the critter you pick.) I went with knit for the accent pieces because Sweet Pea wanted her unicorn scarf to be a rainbow unicorn. I also used minky which while it created a plush cuddly scarf, its quite fiddly and I would recommend gluing the seams so they don’t slip or shift. I love the length for child size so I know for the few adults I’m gifting these to, they’ll be a great length. The knit fabric is from TKB Prints.

This project took the longest out of all the projects I made. It took me roughly an hour because of the choices that Sweet Pea chose.

The Wine Bottle Gift Bag: This is a gift that will be paired with a spiced holiday wine called gluhwein in a gift pack. This freebie has htv files so you can decorate with some fun sayings, take a look below.

Or you could go with a fun or funky fabric for something a bit more playful like I did.

This sew took 15 minutes and that’s only because I had to change my sewing feet to create a button hole. If you opted for tying the ribbon around the neck instead of making a casing for the ribbon, this project would take just a few minutes.

Alpine fingerless gloves: This pair specifically was sewn for the little Sweet Pea who is a children’s size 3/4 in width and 5 for length on things. The Alpine gloves begin at childrens 8-12. Since she is just outside of the range and the seam allowance is 1/4 inch, I know doubling the seam allowance would decrease the sizing over all by 1 inch and would probably work. I did have to rework the construction a bit because the sizing was so small. I started with sewing the thumb seam (using the 1/2 inch seam allowance instead of the original 1/4 inch one.) Next, I hemmed the thumb and finger holes. I then sewed up the side with the thumb hole with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, hemmed the bottom and finished with sewing up the last seam with the same 1/2 inch allowance.

This project took me 20 minutes start to finish even with changing the construction for the smaller size.

Christmas Cactus: This was a freebie was a bit more time consuming. In 35 minutes, I made these 4. I did not use full felt because I had a fun fat quarter of Christmas lights fabric and thought it might make the cactus look decorated. So I chose to use fray check on woven edges and backed with felt. I also used Pellon EZ5S Easy Steam Fusible Webbing to bind everything together prior to stitching. The bulk of the time I spent on these was the detail stitching, you could skip it (as well as stick with felt or fleece fabrics) and this would make a 20 minute or so project giving you 4 small gifts. These will go on containers of chex mix with tags for the kiddos teachers.

Earbud case: This was a super quick sew. I knocked 2 in about 20 minutes. I will eventually make 12 more for friendship gifts for the kids and wanted to try both the snap and the zipper to see the kids’ preferences for their friends. The beautiful Chibi Sailor Moon cats is a current preorder from Cosmic Fabric Creations. This preorder includes Sailor Moon, the Valentine Glitter hearts I showed off in the last blog I did and coming soon Baby Kevin. This project also comes with HTV emoji faces to decorate and has the button, zipper and snap options plus a hanging or wrist strap option.

The Hipster pack: This one might be my favorite gift so far. The pattern is straight forward and easy to follow. Typically, I muslin everything but went straight into using a beautiful hand dyed knit from Over the Selvage that is a current open preorder. The fabrics in this round are all designed to be dyed, colored or painted. I really don’t want to give this gift up because it is amazing.

This project took me roughly 30 minutes.

So there we go, half of our handmade Christmas gifts are all done! Which freebie do you like best?

Don’t forget to join the Winter Wear Designs Fun Facebook Group to see this year’s freebies.


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One Thimble Tour- Issue 22

I was really love One Thimble Magazine. So I was gobsmacked when a call for a blog tour came out and I got to apply for it and I was accepted to create a post. I feel like One Thimble does a great job getting designers that create designs that work for my little Sweet Pea.

There are so many great designers this round:

And includes hacks from patterns by these designers:

I opted to start out with the Oceaan Shorts from The Eli Monster because I had lots of successs with the Neuix Tunic and Reizen pants (and Sweet Pea really wanted a new pair of shorts), you can see my notes on those patterns here–> Sew Fab Blog Tour. Sweet Pea settled on this lovely fabric from Cosmic Fabric Creations.

And off I went. As usual, the instructions have been amazing and we really love the button deals.

It was 6° outside so we had to go for an indoor photo shoot and still needed sweatshirts and tights.

I also got to sign up for the as Gentleman’s Polo which (yes, I made for my sweet girl) from Orange Daisy Patterns. I have never used any of this designer’s patterns and was hoping Sweet Pea would pick the long sleeved version. She opted for the midsleeve length, which is not a length we usually go for but I really like how it comes all the way down to the elbow. The placket construction was slightly different than I was used to but was quite easy to follow. We used the skirt from the Hickory & Spice Henley and colorblocking on the shoulders because Lolli was insistant upon it. The collar fit on the pattern quite nicely and I was quite proud to get nice sharp points, though I realize now after looking at the photos Lolli tucked the collar in so you can’t even see them🤦‍♀️

I’ll need to update with some more photos in a day or 2 to show off the really lovely collar. I really enjoyed the chance to work on this blog tour, get to discover a new designer and create fun stuff for my daughter to wear!

For your chance to win a copy of the new One Thimble Issue 22 – Summer 2019 please enter the rafflecopter prize draw here.Open until 12am Wednesday November 20th AEST

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Idle Sunshine Tour Wrap Up!

Fall into Sewing: Look number 2!

It’s my second day posting on this tour and I am super excited to share with you how I used the amazing jacket I made earlier in the week and layered it with a new outfit! You can find my earlier post HERE.
This time I made the brand new Collared Shirt Pattern that recently released. I would have loved to make the dress for me but with it being the week of Halloween I have been in a last minute rush and was not able to get to the store to get me fabrics for my own, so of course Sweet Pea lucked out. In my previous post, I paired the Phresh Blazer with a tshirt and jeans look that completed a look that Sweet Pea wanted. In this post, I really wanted to accomplish a fun almost Harry Potter school uniform look with layers and textures and knew that the newly released pattern would be the perfect dress for the look I was creating.
  • Sizing in 1- 14y
  • Shirt or Dress lengths
  • Suitable for all genders
  • collar and collar stand
  • Inseam pockets
  • Chest pocket
  • 4 sleeve lengths- cap, short. 3/4, long
  • optional cuff on the long sleeve

The back yoke allows for fun details. Sweet Pea opted for a black yoke, placket and collar to match the skirt portion.

Model mesurements:

  • Chest: 22
  • Waist: 20
  • Hip: 20
  • Height: 41.5

Size made 5t with a 6t bodice length because Sweet Pea’s girth is very long.

This pattern features really great instructions for the placket, so if you are afraid of that you don’t have to be. Also you can swap out snaps if buttons aren’t something you enjoy (or in my case snaps are easier for Sweet Pea to close.)

Starting on the placket

Enclosed shoulder seams

I feel like we achieved the perfect vision with being able to layer the jacket and let it get 2 completely different looks—- what do you think?

Oh and the Harry Potter fabric, for those interested, is a current preorder from Cosmic Fabric Creations and they have all the houses available. The in hand feel of this woven has a slight stretch and lovely drape. The white and black were thrifted from my stash.

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Fall Into Sewing: My Pin-speration meets a blog tour.

I love fall. It’s my favorite time of year. Here in New England the cool temperatures lend itself super well to layers. And since I have kiddos it frequently means my sewing is all about filling in their wardrobes!

This year Sweet Pea has been very specific about her likes and dislikes when it comes to clothing so we frequently have to scour pinterest to find styles for her with an overall look then try to replicate pieces of the look with adding fun custom pieces.

She has been super big on the patterned jacket look and I have to say I fully support that! Her favorite picture she keeps going back to is this one below. I knew immediately I wanted to revisit the Phresh Blazer but go with the regular sleeve and no ruffle design.

I got some really amazing fabric to work with from Cosmic Fabric Creations (House Owls are currently on preorder until November 7th and Jennifer has all your houses covered.) If you want more updates on this round check out Cosmic Fabrics Facebook group to stay up to date!

I knew this fabric was destined to be a part of the pin-spiration look I was going to go with and would be the perfect layering piece!

Pattern information:

Sizing: 1- 14

Pattern options: gathered sleeve, straight sleeve, regular length, 3/4 sleeve length, ruffles, welt pocket

Model size:

Chest: 22

Waist: 20

Hip: 20

Height: 41.5

Size made: 6, chosen to be able to layer sweatshirts as winter comes and heavier layers are necessary.

As I’ve made this pattern several times (I think we have 4 Phresh blazers), I won’t go into a review of the pattern because we love it in this house. But I will say this is the first time I made a plain version (every other one has puffed sleeves and or ruffles.) And I am no less smitten by it as I was the first time I made one (you can check out my original post here where I talk about hacking the Phresh Jegging pattern too.)

These photos were taken “hot off the pressing table.” I think Sweet Pea did a great job picking her accompanying items to look like her pin board.

Check back with me on Friday to see how this jacket does double duty with a fun new dress😊

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Sew Long Summer Tour

It’s the end of the summer, and the kids are finally back in school- yay! And most of us that sew are starting to shift our focus sewing on Halloween costumes and Christmas gifts.

This year rounding out the summer sewing for me are a variety of capsule style items that can be used with layering pieces. Sweet Pea loves dresses so long sleeve bodysuits and skirts that are longer and paired with leggings and leg warmers underneath allow her to still feel like a princess but be fully covered.

This year I decided I want to do a series of photos of Sweet Pea embodying different types of Goddesses and fairies. And I knew this was the perfect opportunity to start that series. As we go into fall my inspiration uses beautiful dark rainbow watercolor fabric from Cosmic Fabric Creations.

We sat down with some croquis and tried to figure out what would fit the guidelines for the end of the summer- it needed to have sleeves yet still work for layering, otherwise as we are going into very long months of cool weather there would be very little wear of a fabric Sweet Pea absolutely adores.

In the end this is what my daughter decided on.

I started with picking out the green so I knew what kind of body suit to go with. In the end Sweet Pea chose a muted green which was perfect for the new Logan Bodysuit from Rad Patterns. This is a snap crotch lapped bodysuit going from newborn sizing all the way up to a size 20+ in childrens (plans for an adult version are in the works currently.) It is part of the accessibility line that Rad Patterns offers. And it is currently on sale so get it before it goes to regular price.

I love it because the fit is amazing (I graded between a size 3t width and 5t length and I imagine I will have to make several more to go under overalls, dresses and skirts. And when she wears skirts and dresses we can leave off the bloomers and she can get in and out of it on her own to use the bathroom.

After that it was on to the skirt using that beautiful fabric above. The Kaleo Skirt from Eunoia patterns seems like a perfect fit. Since it had lots of gathers and was long like a princess skirt. Now Sweet Pea has a beautiful princess dress to wear for school fall music concerts and for when she just wants to be a princess. The Kaleo has excellent drafted instructions and since the skirt pieces are rectangles, offers both pattern pieces and a cut chart. The pattern also includes a slim cut top that can either be a crop or long and have short or 3/4 sleeve. I would have used it since it came with the pattern but Sweet Pea wanted something that would stay tucked in while playing.

She added a paper flower crown and I think she looks like a woodland fairy or Goddess and I feel like this looks almost exactly like the croquis above😍

We’re kicking off the Sew Long Summer blog tour this week. We have some really fun and inspiring creations for you again this year.
Sew Long Summer is all about getting those transitional wardrobe pieces ready; finishing up all those things we meant to make this summer; and well, basically whatever Sew Long Summer means to you.

The full tour includes these talented sewists, so I hope you’ll follow along and comment on their posts this week.
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Sept. 13th Petite Font, Sew 4 Five, The Sewing Scientist, Sew Cute Couture by Kathy, Kitty Makes It

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Sew Fab Blog Tour

I am so excited to be part of several blog tours this next few weeks for rounding finishing out the summer and getting back to school. The Summer Bundle Tour features so many fun patterns from brands I had never tried before and one of my favorite designers to test for.

Sew Fab Patterns is a group of sewists that love good patterns and appreciate an exclusive sale every few months. You can sign up to join the Collective here.

This current bundle features designs from:


Jennuine Designs

Duchess and Hare Patterns

The Eli Monster

Tie Dyed Diva Patterns


Goober Peas Patterns

Golden Rippy

I decided to work with The Eli Monster patterns and sew both a dress and pants for this tour. Their patterns and was excited to try not 1 but 2 new patterns and since they were pants and a top or dress, I get a really nice feel for the designers fit in a lot of ways.

About the Eli Monster

“The Eli Monster formed after Stephanie began sewing cloth diapers for her own little monster, Eli. After months of searching popular brands for cute and edgy diapers while sewing for her own E and then for younger monster Girly, she discovered that other moms were in the same boat. So Stephanie began the long process of designing and redesigning a diaper that was both trim and well fitting for skinny minis and buddha babies alike. Using her original pattern and skills learned while in school (Southern Illinois University-go Salukis!) she began creating diapers that are both trend forward and practical.

Now that her children are a bit older and out of cloth diapers, she has turned her attention to creating digital sewing and knitting patterns for all the clothing she has sketched out. Making patterns is a great way to continue making NEW things.”

I started with the Nieux Dress which my child asked for the tunic length because as we head into fall, jeans and leggings are a huge part of her wardrobe. Sweet Pea tends toward dresses more than anything but I knew where she needed fill ins was tops and pants. Off to the store we went looking for great fabric. Sweet Pea settled on Minecraft fabric using the last few Kimmy Snabric snaps I have.

I really love the simplicity of this tunic. I also love that there is the option for a lined bodice or to use bias trim (which is what I opted for.) And I really love that start to finish the entire tunic took me 1hr. I did opt for using lace for the hem facing because Sweet Pea said it looked like lava rather than the regular facing.

Next up was the Reizen Pants. I love the elastic plus fuller hip yet narrow ankle, that creates a casual relaxed look that will look great with jackets and chunky sweaters as well as t-shirts and blouses.

The pockets are super cute and had an interesting construction I had never done before. This pattern went together super quick and it is the first time I have made pants for Sweet Pea that I didn’t have to take an excessive amount off the hem or adjust the rise, everything sits perfectly on her.

I really enjoyed being introduced to a new brand and participating in this tour. I will definitely be getting the pattern bundle offered at Sew Fab Patterns to have the rest of the other patterns and I am incredibly excited by the other patterns offered by The Eli Monster and having new patterns that fit my tiny human so well!

I also made the Goober Peas Campbell Jacket during a sew along last week with Run Amok Fabrics, you can check out how cute that came out below. My daughter’s favorite jacket ever is the Campbell and my son loves the vest as a layering piece beneath his winter coat.

Back at Blogging!!!!

It has been a very busy summer between half day summer camps, 1 kiddo gone for several weeks and the other acting out because she misses big brother and the other Bigs that had a shorter visit than usual this year.

Sewing has been minimal but now as Baby bear comes back this weekend, it’s time to get back into school mode as we head into the last week of kids being home for the summer. I imagine this last week will be full of all kinds of feelings as since Baby Bear does not handle transitions well and this is a year of BIG changes for my babies.

This year we have 1 starting kindergarten, 1 starting middle school, 1 starting high school and 1 starting their senior year.

All that said- my next blog post will be next week—as part of the Sew Fab Blog Tour.

In the mean time- check out some of these sews I did get finished this summer with all the chaos.

See you next week!

Summer Time Blog Tour with Winter Wear Designs

Wow the end of the school year is sooo busy!

Between getting the big kids for the summer, all the end of school events, ending baseball and getting ready for summer camps (plus the Baby Bear sprained his ankle), it has been a stretch for me to sew much. Plus I have to get ready for the annual camping trip the kids demand. So while joining in on the tour this month while it’s so hectic probably wasn’t the best idea in the world, it did give me the push I needed to sew.

Typically with the summer camping trip approaching, I usually like to buy several lightweight shorts that are made of knits with draw strings. It was the perfect chance for me to try my hand at making my own this year.

So let’s talk for a second about camping, when we travel it’s 4 kids, 2 adults and 2 cats. Because of this space is very limited and I prefer to change clothing once a day. This means my clothing needs to be comfortable enough that I can wear the clothing to bed but still look decent enough for me wear out and about when we sightsee.

Last week, I made a peplum top I know will get use during the camping trip and was really excited to sew up the Endless Summer Shorts to compliment them.

I used the leftovers of this fabric as well. I’m still excited that Walmart offers these precut deals.

The pattern is designed for wovens, and since I used knits, I sized down one size. This knit does not have the a huge amount of recovery and felt comfortable with going down the 1 size. If the recovery was better I would have taken a chance with sizing down a tad more than 1 size.

I did have to lengthen the shorts by several inches because I’m so tall, I added 1 inch in the rise, and the rest of the length in the leg length since most of my height is in my legs. I love the fit of them. I made them without the pockets (which was silly because there are never enough pockets when camping) so my next pair will definitely have them. I also opted for a knit waistband and added a drawstring to mimic my more usual knock around camping shorts.

I have already started another 2 pairs since I only have 3 weeks until our camping trip.

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Suzanne of Winter Wear Designs
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Seen and Sewn Together Blog Tour

What an exiciting time of year in our house! It’s the last week of school, my husband’s boss has been on leave and the agency he works for picks up big time in the Spring/Summer, baseball season is winding down and my big kids come in to town tomorrow!

I got the chance to participate in this amazing blog tour for Seen & Sewn Patterns and I was lucky enough to get to sew the Parker Peplum. I was a tad nervous as I am at the high side of the sizing for the charts and I typically need a full bust adjustment and I decided I would make a straight muslin (aside from adding length because I am 6ft tall.) I ran off to Walmart in search of fabric that would work for a quick muslin. I found this fabulous fabric

That I knew if I wasn’t happy with the muslin and needed to redo the pattern with an actual FBA, I would be ok with making another in the same fabric😂.

So I set to work. Arielle, has fabulous instructions and because I like to time myself on a first round of makes, was shocked that the actual sewing time was (and I switched between machines, and even had to rethread my serger too.)

Look at that timing! This means taping to cutting the last thread was total around 1 hour- I love a quick sew!

Also I really love the binding style neckline.

So I finished my top and aside from being slightly off on my lengthening, I am very happy with my muslin and will be definitely making more! I chose to style it below in my home look (with lounge pants which is typically how I dress when sewing)

and for a normal day running errands with my favorite hat I wear during baseball season.


This is a great staple wardrobe piece and I will totally be making pj shorts to wear with this top too because I love being able to pack lightly when we travel so much during the summer. This way I can wear it out and about and at the campsite when ready for bed!

Go get your copy of this pattern and others with this amazing coupon code for $1:


Welcome to the Seen & Sewn Together blog tour.

Arielle from Seen & Sewn Patterns is creating patterns with a focus on encouraging people to join the #handmaderevolution by sewing their own handmade wardrobe.
A nice group of sewing bloggers have joined together to share with you how we’ve taken the Seen & Sewn Patterns and let our creativity loose with them. We want to inspire you whether you’re just starting or well on your way to building your handmade wardrobe.
The extra fun part for you is that we have a prize pack giveaway from Seen & Sewn Patterns that you can enter below. The prize pack for US residents includes 1 pattern of choice, a Slow Fashion Tee, and a Slow Fashion Pin. For our international readers the prize pack includes a copy of all Seen & Sewn PDF Patterns. Bonus! All entrants will receive a coupon code for a $1 pattern of choice -so make sure your email is up to date in your profile when entering.

The tour includes these talented sewists, so I hope you’ll follow along this week.

Monday June 17th

Sew 4 Five, Sewing A la Carte, Aurora Designs

Tuesday June 18th

Idle Sunshine, That’s Sew Lily, House of Estrella

Wednesday June 19th

Mahlicadesigns, Sewing with D, Fee Bricolo, Aurora Designs

Thursday June 20th

Let’s Go Hobby, Sewing from Scratch, Craftstyle Living, Mama You Can Make It

Friday June 21st

Claire Cruse, Make It Sew with the Bear and Pea Atelier, Sew Cute Couture by Kathy

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****Disclaimer I did receive this pattern for free to write this blog post.

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