May the Fourth Be With You!

I know it’s been a bit since my last post. Quarantine life has been complicated and getting into ANY KIND of routine is hard. I have been sewing masks off and on but I did take some time out to sew for my sweet girl.

We celebrate May 4th in this house like we celebrate a birthday— fun foods, new clothes. With the quarantining we had to go super simple and Sweet Pea was bummed she didn’t get to go to school wearing her new dress.

I participated in the George and Ginger Sew Along for May 4th, which had lots of people sewing a variety of patterns with varying levels of love for the Star Wars franchise.

I opted to use a favorite designer of ours, Goober Peas Designs. We opted for the new Emilia Dress, which we got to test.

Sweet Pea showing off the beautiful hemline.

We love the angled hemline so when Sweet Pea asked that we use this pattern with some modifications, I said sure!

The Emilia has lots of features and was formerly the Gingersnap Dress by George and Ginger.

Sizing now 0-3m through 14. Sleeve lengths include sleeveless, short sleeves, 3/4 and long sleeves.

From the website:

“The Emilia Dress is a mini dress (hitting well above the knee at center front and back) that looks great with leggings, or on its own as a dress for those who are comfortable with the length.

The loose and flowy fit is very stylish and lends itself to a “grow” style—being worn for years, first as a mini dress and then as a tunic. There is a grow cuff option for the long sleeves, allowing them to be folded up at first and then unfolded as the child grows. Other sleeve length options include short, elbow length, and sleeveless.”

I used double brushed polyester (DBP) from Boho Fabrics. They do have a delay on shipping do to the current quarantine but they shipped within the time frame stated on their website. This DBP has a thick in hand feel and lovely drape.

I used a new htv vinyl my husband purchased from Walmart because I couldn’t find what I needed for curbside pick up from Joann Fabrics and I noticed after a few days of wear I need to reapply the heat press. It is very thick vinyl and with applying to DBP I used a lower temp and it’s possible I did not use enough timing for the heat application.

I added length just under the armscye to take the dress to floor length and added a snap on cape.

We finished up the look with a felt mask from a shop on etsy and went outside for a photo shoot!

Spring Fling Blog Hop

Oooh it’s been a minute- I have been sewing weekly but it is that chaotic time of year where it’s the perfect storm of sport seasons changing, annual appointments for all of Sweet Pea’s specialists and now with the self quarantining and having to teach school. I’m going to be doing something I have never done before and if you read all the way to the end AND COMMENT, I’ll draw a name for a free pattern from Goober Peas Designs Patterns (the pattern company I used for this post today!)

I love when spring comes. It feels so delightful to be outside with a light weight jacket after being bundled up for so many months on end. But with that shift in weather comes digging through my children’s closets to ensure they have what they need for the weather transitions.

This year Sweet Pea asked for ALLLLLL the dresses. Which isn’t all that unusual for her, she loves dresses. She added she wanted length and twirly to the request.

So this means figuring out new patterns or even better, with all the uncertainty currently going on, digging through the depths of all my patterns and creating fun mash ups.

I decided to fill the request of the wee one I wanted to use bits and pieces of a couple different patterns from Goober Pea Designs Patterns to create a whole new look for her.

I got a super fun farm print from Shear Madness Fabrics and I knew I wanted something with colorblocking.

I started with the Hip 2 B Square tee which has a ton of features:

  • Youth sizing of 0-3mo to size 20
  • Basic Tee
  • Short and long sleeve options
  • Sleeve colorblocking with optional venting
  • Full or partial color blocking of the bodice

I opted for the short sleeve (Sweet Pea is not a fan of long and it would have been my preference due to the time of year but she was having none of that) with colorblocking of the sleeve and bodice. I left off the bottom colorblocking panel on the bodice and trued the back to match since I was attaching a skirt to the hemline. I also lengthened the sleeve a bit because Sweet Pea prefers elbow length sleeves.

Next to work on the twirl factor and make a dress from the top. I could have gone with the Addison/Sadie add on pack that would have added a circle skirt but I knew with the request of maxi dress length it meant making an adjustment. So I decided to hack/mash it with the Talia Tiered Dress (which is free to newsletter subscribers.)

Talia has a few fun features:

  • Sizing from 0-3mo- size 14
  • Sleeveless, short sleeves, long sleeves
  • 1,2 or 3 tiers to make peplum, tunic or dress length

Since the 3 tiers puts the dress at close to a tea length, I knew it would be easy to add a 1.5 inches to each tier to get close to ankle length. It was soo much gathering. I also added clear elastic when attaching the skirt because I was worried about the weight of the skirts with the added length.

She literally wore this dress for a week straight once it came off the machine so I would say this ended up being a successful mash up!

Welcome to the Spring Fling Blog Hop! 

Sew Much Charm kicked off the Spring Fling with the  Spring Fling Giveaway!  A huge congratulations to the winners: Lorna P. of England & Patti V. of Texas!  Each prize package had a retail value of $191!

Let’s keep the fun rolling this week with more sewing and more fun.  Sew Much Charm is now also hosting the Spring Fling Blog Hop and I’m going to introduce to you our Bloggers for the Blog Hop!

Be sure to check each day by 6AM (Central Standard Time)!  Each day there will be a blogger (or more) doing a giveaway!  So be sure to check each blog post & just comment on their blog post from this blog hop and you are entered to win!

Monday Sew Much Charm & Vlogger Sewing From Scratch

Tuesday –  TPtheModestDoll22 & That’s Sew Venice

Wednesday –  SewGr8ful & Sequoia Lynn Sews

Thursday –  Let’s Go Hobby! & The Sarcastic Sewist

Friday –  The Bear & the Pea Atelier & Wildflowers & Whimsey

Week 5: Cheryl’s Pick, Upcycle Something

This week I opted for more of a refashion over the upcycle. My definition of choosing refashion comes from using a RTW t-shirt we have had for a bit and turned it into a 100 day t-shirt for school.

I asked Sweet Pea what she wanted for a design element and after a bit of time she opted for an appliqued unicorn.

We went with a Unicorn Applique from the German Makerist and I got to work making a unicorn in the colors that Sweet Pea wanted.

It was lots of stitching and a bit awkward since the shirt was a rtw shirt (note to self, next time I work on an applique for a shirt, it should be done before sewing the top together.)

It turned out really cute now it was up to Sweet Pea to add 100 dots with various colors to decorate it.

Our final product came out great!

100 days of school all summed up in a fun project.

Week 3: Sew with Sweater or Swim Knits

So this is one of the few challenge rejected. I did sew a knit fabric, just not what was suggested.

I did use one of my favorite fabric company’s in a strike off fabric Cosmic Fabric Creations that will open up mid-February.

I chose to sew up new slippers for my tiny girl that always has cold feet. I went with the Canmore Cuddle Slippers from Goober Peas Patterns. I love that I can get a slim narrow for for her tiny width feet and ankles. Its the first time we have had slippers that fit more like a sock and close to her body.

Eeking Out the Last Scraps

I sometimes am lucky enough to get fabrics that my kids get super excited about, like this Ladybug fabric (opening soon from Shear Madness Fabrics) and like to try to use up every last scrap. This is so when they outgrow that epic hoodie or dress or whatever I have made them, they get to keep a piece that isn’t just for wearing. Favorite ways to preserve these fabrics in the past has been using them for chapstick holders, small bags, pencil bags.

I recently got into making patches with the fabric that has larger artwork and it’s something Baby Bear really loves. Here is a tutorial using hot glue and painting but you can easily do the same with fabric. My favorite method is similar to this tutorial using a regular sewing machine. If you are using fabric I would recommend using heat n bond in between the decorative fabric and heavier weight interfacing then stitch around the design. My son prefers a more flexible patch so I just heat and bond the back of the fabric but for a more traditional weight patch, you would need to use the heavier interfacing. Make sure to use a heavy duty, jeans or leather needle as the interfaced fabric can be thick and universal needles will sometimes skip based on the decorative fabric with the interfacing.

And now that Sweet Pea is getting older, I am hoping to get her into patches too. But for now I am happy with inventing a new way for her to play. I took this fabric and fused it with heat and bond then fused to felt for felt story board play.

A variety of Ladybug and Cat Noir characters and kwamis cut into smaller shapes on felt backing. The Chloe character is already sewn around.

I sewed around the characters then cut them out as close to the stitching as I could.

And since I gave these to Sweet Pea, she has already engaged in several hours of fun.

Sweet Pea plays on her storyboard with the felt Ladybug and Cat Noir characters and Kwamis.

Don’t have a felt board like we do, no problem. You can cover cardboard, or poster board with regular eco felt. You can even get fancy and duct tape 2 pieces of cardboard together then cover with felt so that it is a collapsing storyboard to take places with you.

All the characters on a rainbow blanket all laid out.
A happy Sweet Pea smiles while holding up the characters and Kwamis for Ladybug and Cat Noir.

Hours of fun, entertainment, and storytelling just by using a few scraps.

Week 3: Sew Something for Health or Fitness.

Here we are 3 weeks in to the sewing challenge this year and I am already running behind….

The last couple of years I have tried to literally follow the challenges of the 52 Week Sewing Challenge and if it wasn’t literal then I would mark it as challenge rejected or going rogue. This year I decided that instead of just following along to meet a sewing ideal that I would look at my current sewing and how I could interpret it to meet the needs of the week’s suggested sew.

THIS week is sewing for health or fitness. Many in the group chose to sew with athletic fabric or using patterns that were designed to facilitate a healthy journey. I did see some fun sews that assist with both like a running belt and lunch boxes. I went a some what more vague route by sewing pajamas for Sweet Pea.

I chose to interpret this as being sewing for health because it is necessary to have warm clothing for our very cold winters here in New Hampshire. I was fortunate enough to be brought into a current pattern test with Eunoia Patterns to take photos of a soon to release night set (Goodnight Darling Robe and Nightgown set) and I knew that it would be the perfect pattern to stretch the definition of this week’s sewing challenge.

Sweet Pea holds a purple puppy that wears a crown named Princess Hot Dog that she is looking down at. She is wearing just the nightgown and the photo is a close up of the offset bodice with pink snaps. The nightgown is white with tiny pink rosebuds. You can see the pretty gathering of at the wrists.

From the Eunoia Website:

“The Goodnight Darling Robe and Nightgown is a nostalgic nod to long ago with a lovely floor length robe and sweet tea length nightgown. This delightful pair is perfect for flannels, eyelet lace, embroidery or vinyl embellishments, vintage buttons and even matching doll looks for your child to match their doll.”

Sweet Pea looks down at her feet. She is wearing the Goodnight darling nightgown in white flannel with tiny pink rosettes all over it. Her little feet are sticking out crossed beneath the hem of the nightgown.

Sizing is 2t-20 and the relaxed fit allows for comfort while playing and sleeping. We found it was perfect for all the playing that Sweet Pea likes to do before story time and bedtime.

Up close of the collar piping detail while Sweet Pea reads a book with a purple puppy under her arm.

We love the sweet details from the ability to use piping to the offset bodice of the nightgown and sweet gathers at the wrist.

Sweet Pea in Vamperina RTW pjs with the robe over top.

I also love how the robe can be paired with favorite rtw pajamas we already own to give a tad more warmth.

Sweet Pea lifting the robe and dress up while she steps out.

Check out this sweet pattern while it’s on sale for $7.50 (regularly $12.00) with a code in the Facebook Group to get the dolly pattern for free during the release sale. The doll pattern is priced at $2.50 and also includes both the nightgown and robe as well.

A Whole New Year!

Here we are starting another new year and a whole new sewing adventure.

So I am not really a resolutions person per se. I typically feel like setting resolutions sometimes set me up for failure so this year I am setting some clear sewing goals for myself.

-This year I vow to participate more in the House of Curves group.

-Sew more for me, I plan to try and make something for me every other month. This means 6 garments total for me. That sounds totally doable😊

-Get Baby Bear even more involved with his own sewing. Maybe even have him post his own blogs on here about what did and didn’t work for him on a pattern.

-While my creative space is all over the place (much like my own mind), I would like to clean and organize my crafting space AND work on keeping it that way. In the past I would always clean it up and 3 weeks later its back to chaos, I’d like to work on scheduling that time to focus on staying organized and sticking to it.

So that’s where I am this year!

Sew Family Jammies 2020 Blog Tour

I love pajamas. As a stay at home parent, I am often in pajamas more than any other clothing item. Especially during the winter time. I love being snuggled up in flannel or brushed poly. My children often spend a large portion of the weekends snuggled up in jammies too!

I was stoked to see that there was an amazing tour that focuses on making jammies for the family. And I was equally excited about my son wanting to have an “old timey nightgown” but with short sleeves. I was really excited to see that Rad Patterns just launched a new woven nightgown pattern Vintage Lounge Dress that would fit Baby Bear’s requirements and be able to be used for Sweet Pea.

Initially, I wanted to make all matching jammies but I bought Sweet Pea’s flannel a couple of weeks prior to the tour and didn’t have enough flannel to make both kids something so I let my son pick what he wanted. He choose the cute little french bulldog print.

We also went with calf length and because the boy has grown so much this last few months I opted for leaving the length since he will just keep growing. We elected for no ruffle.

For Sweet Pea, she is all about ruffles and was really happy to have a floor length option and a pretty cuff. This is a really great pattern and the designer’s stuff always fit both my hard to fit kiddos so well.

After finishing up their pjs, I realized I yet again did not have the correct amount of flannel for pants for me but I got some really lovely baby French terry that would make some cuddly and warm pj pants for me.

I chose the wide leg Parisian Pants from Winter Wear Designs and like many of Suzanne’s patterns, they are easy to follow and a fast sew. I didn’t even have to adjust for my height because the length on these were the perfect length.

I have made lots of jammies for kids all at different times but this is the first time I took requests and I feel like everything turned out great. And for the first time I have actually made jammies for opening gifts!

Hop on over to enjoy all the other bloggers on this tour!

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Daddy Made Sweet Pea a Kitchen

Sweet Pea loves to play make believe, several years ago my momma got her a kitchen from Walmart. It was lightweight and perfect for the tiny 2 year old that she was. She loves engaging in creative play, often making and serving us food, playing bake shop.

The tiny one that still gets lots of play was purchased when Sweet Pea was just over 2 and maybe 20 inches tall

It seemed natural to put a larger kitchen on the list for her now that she is 42 inches tall. We actually have lots of projects for Daddy Bear made stuff the next few months. So I was super excited when he picked the kitchen as his first real toy project. Daddy Bear started with Ana White plans for this kitchen. When he sat down to look over the plans he realized the orginal height was 32 3/4 which would still be shorter than her and mean she would want something bigger in a year or 2. So Daddy had to adjust the height and added 15 1/4 to make it 48 inches so there would be height to grow and still able to play. By adding the height Sweet Pea also gets a tad more storage for her fun foods and kitchen tools.

This was end of day one Daddy Bear worked hard doing all the cutting construction and sanding.
End of day 2 had more shelves and a faucet, plus Daddy Bear made the doors for the fridge, freezer and oven. We also popped by the hardware store and purchased paint, pink, green and gray.

We used this inspiration picture for a copper faucet but after checking out copper and brass parts opted for PVC because it would be lighter and considerably cheaper.

After the first coat of copper Rustoleum Bright Coat Paint, I feel like it’s looking pretty good. Take a look.

We will touch this up and coat it again. It’s looking pretty good for being pvc!

The paint palette we went with was designed to give a soft retro feel. I would love to have done the entire kitchen in pink and green but figured color choices change over time and with painting the shelves and door front, if Sweet Pea changes her favorite colors we can always repaint them easily.

Day 3 ended with Daddy showing me his progress, he holds up the backsplash here. The next time he works he will touch up paint then finish the final construction.
Here he has propped the fridge and freezer doors, the oven will be painted with pink like the top shelf and have plexiglass.

We used Contact paper for the silver backplash. Which in theory was a really good idea, it saved a lot of money using it over stick on back splash. In practice, it did not have much adhesive so it didn’t stick super well. Joseph was already planning on stapling the Contact paper to the back just to make sure it didn’t move but this made it a necessity. I am not sure if this is normal for the metallic paper, if it was a bad batch, or if it was just too cold the adhesive just couldn’t work well. We still have a few more bubbles to work out because you can’t pop them like Contact recommends because the paper isn’t sticking.

It’s all finished and now I’m off to the Dollar Tree to find baskets to organize her play food. And we need to find some small pots and pans and her Christmas gift is done with 10 days to spare!

This was a complete labor of love with lots of lessons for Daddy Bear but I think Sweet Pea is going to be all about this gift.

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