Week 28: Sew a Tank Top

Sew a tank top! Challenge Accepted, it was the perfect opportunity to test and sew the new Pickle Toes Patterns Boys Triple Play Tank for my daughter. I am always looking for great patterns that provide modest coverage for the day-to-day wear during the summer time for my youngest. I love there is the option for colorblocking or the option to have a plain front AND that there is also the ability to have 3 different styles of back; full coverage, atheletic, and racerback. There is also a pocket option with 2 different styles. My children both opted for no pockets.

For this version I went bold with bright red cotton lycra from Central TX Fabric which I have mentioned several times in previous posts (she just started doing monthly subscription boxes for this same knit so head over to the group and get in on that action- 3yds solid is just $28).

My son’s version does not have colorblocking but I knew to make the best use of the Dr. Suess fabric, I had to get the colorblocking on. I opted for the athletic back on the tank for Sweet Pea.

It provides that fuller coverage for the tank but I think next time, I’ll opt for the racerback option.

Instructions are easy to follow and this is a great intro pattern for someone wanting to start colorblocking but is a bit nervous. It took me approximately 30 minutes to sew the top up, so its also a great nap time sew!


I think the next one I may also make out of swim material because it would make a great swim top for my kiddo that sometimes doesn’t want to wear a traditional bathing suit!


Week 37: Sew Something You Have Sewn Before

So it is Week 37 in the 52 Week Sewing Challenge. There had been some discussion as to whether the challenge would be sew something you have made before or if it was sew something you have never sewn. I had documented something you have never sewn before and even had this post with never included in the title. At some point in time, I guess they changed the category. No biggie, we roll with it but I had already planned a new pattern and since I am one to augment the challenge to fit me, I am making something new, with a fabric type and company I have sewn before for this challenge and blog tour. I am also going to change how I am posting this challenge since I already posted this week with a blog tour and I am not going to make a completely different post or combine weeks and tours like I have previously. You can find my post about the pattern and fabric I used here Sew Long Summer Blog Tour.

The pattern for this week’s challenge is CoEmi Mini Jessi

Fabric is the FABAUG preorder round at Kimmy Snabric


I will be definitely making more of these for the Sweet Pea and I think I am going to have to try one for me!FB_IMG_1536843722520[1]


Sew Long Summer Blog Tour

Here we are, working our way into fall and winding down on summer. I’m not sure about you but living in New England, mornings are cold and the afternoon can range from hot to cool. This means transitional patterns are a priority in our house.

I got to join the SEW LONG SUMMER BLOG TOUR, which is perfect timing for my fall sewing for my tiniest one since she just had a recent growth spurt! And also amazing timing for this beautiful fabric I got as a strike off* from Kimmy Snabric. (READ ALL THE WAY TO THE END FOR AN OPPORTUNITY TO WIN PRIZES!)


Isn’t it just beautiful? A bit about the fabric, it is a preorder fabric and this is the panel and coordinate set. It is pre-sale at $19 and what you get is a FH that is the panel and a FH that is the matching coordinate. What is nice about these types of sets is that you can order 1 yard and get plenty to make a complete outfit for a small child or use it for a hoodie since the panels are large enough for adults! Take a look at the other fabrics offered in this round here. This is a very nice weight cotton lycra that will be able to layer over the thin shirts my daughter prefers during the fall transition.

For the pattern, I decided that I would try my hand at an International pattern. If you follow my blog, you know that I tried my first International pattern earlier this year ( Week 6: Sew Something Red or Pink) and had to work fairly hard on that project because I had to translate the pattern, which was time consuming. I purchased the CoEmi Mini Jessi pattern quite some time ago but after my last International pattern was not quite ready to tackle translating another pattern. Then amazing news came, there is an English version! (Coincidentally, this pattern is currently included in the 2 euro sale on Makerist.) I had been hanging on to making the pattern for this transitional weather but also waiting for epic fabric to make something that had wow factor.


I will say that while the instructions are translated to English, the pattern pieces do not have English translations. There are very nice photos but I did end up with a piece I cut out that I wasn’t sure based on the translation where it should go (I assume it is another cuff with a different width but I’m not sure since I only have the English version).

The instructions are clear enough though that quite honestly the hardest part was deciding how to actually mix and match fabrics.

I found the hardest part of this pattern lies in creating the pockets in the front. This is because of the angle indicated where my finger points between clips. I did not find it complicated but the tutorial mentions pinning in several places and going slow and I have to agree this is important to create the front panel and pockets lying smoothly and creating the correct shape. I opted for adding piping after seeing the photos further up and deciding that the pop of the piping would help the panel stand out better against the coordinate.

I am very proud of how this “sweatshirt” came out and know that this style is one my little will wear a ton and she has already asked to go through the fabric for another. I will be sizing up when making with french terry to allow for lots of room for growth and layering but for a transitional fall piece, I really could not be more thrilled with how this came out.

She was soo happy to have such a beautiful top!



Welcome to the Sew Long Summer blog tour. We’re going to have a fun one this year.

A nice group of sewing bloggers are going to share with you how we say “Sew Long Summer” and we’ll be asking you to join in with a Social Sew too (read on for details and prizes)

Sew Long Summer is all about getting those transitional wardrobe pieces ready; finishing up all those things we meant to make this summer; and well, basically whatever Sew Long Summer means to you.

Share what you’ve been making to say “Sew Long Summer” to be entered into our random drawing.

Continental US participants will be entered to win a $20 store credit from Simply by Ti Fabrics.

All other participants will be entered to win a pattern of choice from DG Patterns.

To enter, please tag your sewing project with #SewLongSewcial18 on Instagram or facebook. You can also leave a link in the comments on the mahlicadesigns intro post. Please limit your entries to items you’ve sewn between Sept 10th and Sept 28th 2018. Winners will be notified and announced shortly thereafter.

We can’t wait to see what you’re making.

The full tour includes these talented sewists, so I hope you’ll follow along this week.

Sept. 10th Sewing A La Carte, Tenille’s Thread, A Custom Clothier, Made for Little Gents, Miss Marah Sewn

Sept. 11th Manning the Machine, mahlicadesigns, Sewing Vortex, Crafting Fiend

Sept. 12th Auschick Sews, Aurora Design Fabrics, My Heart Will Sew On, Vicky Myers Creations

Sept. 13th Flaxfield Sewing, Sewing with D, Musings of a Seamstress, Make it Sew with the Bear and Pea Atelier, Petite Font

Sept. 14th Sewing à la Carte, Sewing by Ti, Stitches by Laura, Sewing with Sarah, My Sewing Roots

*A strike off is a fabric cut offered by a company to test an upcoming round to see if the print, color and scale are accurate. It is the opportunity for a fabric host to decide if they are happy with a current round then authorize the printing for a preorder. I sometimes sew strike offs that are given to me free for photos and sometimes I receive compensation on click throughs for utilizing the links in my posts.

Back 2 School With Winter Wear Designs

Oh My Goodness—-where to begin with this back to school post! This week has been ridiculously busy trying to get the final coordination of our move settled while my son enjoys his last few days playing with his friends before their school days start and our move officially begins. But since the preparation for this tour actually began at the beginning of the month, all of my sewing was completed the first week of August so during the chaos I just had to photograph the Sweet Pea and actually get this post written (nothing like having a quick deadline approach).

Lately Sweet Pea has been all about going through Baby Bear’s old t-shirts he is outgrowing and asking for a variety of them to be upcycled to fit her. Her most recent acquisition from her brother’s closet is a Batman t-shirt he has worn since he was her age. We talked about this tour as we usually do and she told me she wanted “Rock N Roll” pants and a sparkly jacket to go with it so I thought it would be perfect to create a “Rock N Upcycle” mini capsule. And it was the perfect opportunity to make another pair of Phresh Jeggings and hack them into moto jeggings. And Winter Wear Designs has the perfect Back to School Bundle currently on sale for $20 (down from $36.50) which included the perfect patterns for an amazing mini capsule. I left out the All the Bells and Whistles because I made one of those in an earlier post (check it out here Week 17: Sew Something with a Pocket) and added to it a pair of basic Aviator pants made with a cuddly brushed French terry because Sweet Pea said she needed that fabric used.

To make the Phresh Jeggings into moto jeggings, I started with measuring my daughter’s leg for the knee placement, then marked the knee placement on the pattern. I, then, drew the knee patch shape that I wanted (you can see I drew the shape several times until it was the shape I actually wanted.) Next, I used a piece of fabric 13 x 11 (as a side note Lolli is 38.75 inches tall, I used a size 3 width with 4 length so she will be able to get all the way through the winter with the pants. I would recommend that you cut your piece slightly larger for this than I did. I have made moto jeans a bunch and knew what I wanted for the pleat width but if you are new to pleating, cutting this piece big will allow for room for error).**** Don’t forget to add your seam allowance to the pattern pieces so that when you sew them together, you have the appropriate size. I used 1/4 inch for mine because I am used to eyeballing adding that with a rotary cutter. ******Additional tip, keep your upper and lower left leg together but away from your right upper and lower leg pieces.

From this point, you can proceed a couple of different ways. A beginning method is to fold, press then sew your line. For this pair I folded down 1 inch (wrong sides together) then press, then sew 1/4 inch from the fold, fold down from that line 1 inch and press, then sew; continuing down the fabric. Some may find this method easier because you press your pleats down as you sew them keeping them out of the way. My method I like is to fold down and press and pin, continuing down the length of the fabric. Then, I go to my machine and sew 1/4 inch from each press line. I find this construction method easiest for me because I am at the iron then at my machine which is across the room from the iron, rather than up and down.

Once your moto patches are completed, you’ll cut each pattern piece (make sure you cut mirror images so whatever curves you have line up correctly and that you keep your left leg pieces together and your right leg pieces separate, if you don’t you may end up having to pull out your seam ripper.) Attach your patches to the appropriate leg piece and top stitch around your patches. Then proceed with the instructions as written.

I love that this bundle gave me the chance to really play with my daughter’s wardrobe and that she is such an out of the box thinker with her clothing.

Next up is the Phresh Blazer, again I went with the size 4 option. I used a midweight knit and did not apply a button or snap per the tiny human’s request. If you remember I mentioned she also request it be sparkly and decided last minute it needed stars. Because of the design of the blazer, it was easy to squeeze the stars she picked into it!

The photos do not do justice to the sheer amount of sparkles on this blazer! This sew like all of Suzanne’s has clearly written instructions with multiple options for ruffles or no ruffles, puffed sleeves or not and different lengths of sleeves, making this a great transition piece to add to you or your child’s wardrobe.

The final pieces of this mini capsule are the Tutu Twirl Tunic. We went with a sleeveless and no ruffle for a panel I had been saving for a while AND that amazing Batman tee she just couldn’t live without. I was a bit surprised she wanted the ruffle with it in a bold white but I love how the hemline looks on this one soo much I am going to making these frequently I imagine for her. She loves the ease of the tee combined with the frilly aspect of the tutu and is the perfect combination for her, I love the fit of the tank version and I imagine it and the Aviators I made (so sorry no action shots of those because they are a thick French terry and it was 90 degrees out) will end up being favorites during the cool New Hampshire evenings because she can layer the tank and the pants are cuddly.

So this was a super long post but I loved every piece in Back to School Bundle and I am sure you will too!

Don’t miss out on any of the stops on the tour:

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Diane of Sewing With D
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Friday 8/31
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****This post contains affiliate links and I received some patterns free in exchange for this post.

Ellie and Mac Back to School Tour!

Does any one else feel like this summer has been crazy busy? I signed up for a variety of Back to School tours to keep me motivated during such a hectic time of year. This is tour is sponsored by Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns.

Can you believe I have been sewing PDF patterns for 4 years but I have never sewn an Ellie and Mac Pattern? A bit about the company and their designer, Lindsey Essary,

“My greatest wish for you, is to dream big, create fearlessly and go after the things that bring you and those around you joy!
I found my love of designing and sewing when I had my first daughter, Aubrey.  I wanted her to wear the cute, boutique style clothing I had found online but I couldn’t afford it.  I decided to ask for a sewing machine for Christmas and proceeded to teach myself to sew.
Along the way, I realized that I had something special when it came to putting fabrics together and I loved the adorable creations I was making. “
She is correct about making something special. Her pattern catalog is rather extensive and she seems to put out patterns frequently that are very well loved. the design astethetic is playful with lots of options and colorblocking.
So on to my sew for this tour! I chose the Shark Bite Top Pattern because Sweet Pea has lots of fussy dresses and I am adding to the pants and top category but need layering pieces since our days often start at about 50 degrees and with no A/C the temps in the afternoon are swealtering at 85. I love that there are 3 sleeve options and sizing goes from little girl to big girl.

As with any first run on a pattern Sweet Pea got to pick her fabrics, she opted for a lightweight but bright fabric that makes a great transition for the Vermont/ New Hampshire leaf peeping season we are approaching. I was a bit disappointed that I could not convince her she needed sleeves but the sleeveless will get tons of use with sweaters and can easily be layered with a turtleneck underneath if she wants.20180821_0710021.jpg

This pattern was shocking in how easy it was. The instructions were clear and concise and the pattern pieces for the size 4 that I made (sizing up to give Sweet Pea more of a chance to wear it since she opted for sleeveless). I used a serger for construction and opted for my daughter’s favorite top stitch (zigzag) in red thread that she picked out. This is definitely a nap time sew as sewing with the serger took roughly 25 minutes. I was a tad concerned about the method of making the points for the “shark bite” part but as stated earlier, Lindsey walks you through clear instructions for a nice clean point.

Sweet Pea loves that its a top that can be worn with shorts, pants or with wool tights. It made her feel like a princess while being comfy and casual and allowing for lots of play! Even though this was my first Ellie and Mac pattern, I will definitely be making more of this top and more from their catalog.

If you’re late joining the tour; visit all the bloggers on the Back To School Sewing Patterns Blog Tour Featuring Ellie and Mac and enter the giveaway to win a $50 store credit below!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway


*A special thank you to Seam So Low for compiling and hosting this back to school tour.

*I received this pattern free for blogging about it and this post may contain affiliate links.

Back to School with Bella Sunshine Designs

Oh my goodness- I made it! Made it through the end of the summer. Well not really, our schools don’t start for another 3 weeks but boy has this been the longest summer by far! Here we are winding down from all the camps and most people are looking at supply lists. I always loved back to school when I was a child because it meant that I got new pencils and folders and I just love new supplies. For us in Vermont, our school system pays for everything, even down to providing breakfast, lunch and a snack for our children- so my only joy for back to school is creating something fairly epic for my kids to wear.
This year in honor of the Back to School Blog tour being hosted by Bella Sunshine Designs, I decided I was going to tackle the beautiful Gabriella’s Winter Coat because in Vermont back to school means we need to winter gear since snow can hit as early as September and as late as May!
As you have read on my blog before, Sweet Pea has a very definite style aesthetic and often for outerwear will make requests and this year is no different. She had to have a dragon coat. So off I went to modify a really beautiful pattern to make my dragon child happy!
First things first I chose beautiful silk jacquards from my stash (well ok Sweet Pea dictated which colors) because I wanted the coat to be a statement piece and make use of some of the gorgeous fabric that had been given to me. I knew that a coat out of these materials would be lush and rich while being functional for Vermont’s long frigid winters. I went with the size 3 because Sweet Pea, while measuring a 2, will want to wear this coat over her winter gear and over multiple layers.
Next I scoured several different online tutorials, plus used a combination of other patterns to figure out the dragon wings, spike and tail. I did a mash of 5 different styles to get the shape for these wings and opted for spikes that were 2 inches wide and 3 inches in height. For the tail, I used a Dino Tail Tutorial and measured how long I wanted it to hang and began trimming it down from there. I used regular interfacing for the spikes and foam interfacing for the wings. On the tail, I created a placket to attach the tail rather than the circle and straps that the tutorial uses.
Initially I thought I would directly attach the tail and wings however one of the requirements for children here at school is that clothing cannot be distracting AND since Sweet Pea is still in a car seat, additional modifications had to be made. Enter KAM Snaps ( I purchase mine from Kimmy Snabric), I made the wings and tail able to come off so that they do not impede her sitting completely flat in the car seat.

So much snap placement, checking and rechecking the modifications. I opted for 2 snaps on each wing, checking the placement between the spikes so they would be consistent. I went with 4 snaps on the tail to allow for the width of the tail I created. For the actual coat, since the back pieces are cut on the fold, I added 1/4 inch seam allowance and cut out 1 pattern piece into 2 pieces. On the skirt I also cut that pattern piece in half and added seam allowance so the shape of the coat stayed 100%.
You can see here she is in a dragon frame of mind. While I know Sweet Pea wont go very long without the wings and tail off, I love that I can keep her car seat safe but she gets the coat she loves.
The coat pattern is spectacular. It is very easy to follow (I have never made a fully lined coat before and only got hung up in one place.) Make sure to take your time with putting in that lining is all I can say! The structure of the coat has a vintage vibe with the swing shape and double breast closure. We opted for snaps there instead of beautiful vintage buttons because this coat is all about Sweet Pea and she struggles with button closures. I feel like while the snaps are small, they still look great and work well for accomodating kiddos that need to have snaps instead of buttons. The standing collar is going to work perfectly with a winter hat that will snap under the chin (I am off to find the perfect pattern to make for this coat – if you have a suggestion for one, pop it in the comments for me and I’ll definitely credit you if you find me the perfect winter hat.)
The results are gorgeous and this was the perfect back to school make for her!

PS There is a current Back to School Special (girls patterns are $6, ladies are $7, and bundles are reduced to $12) running until Sunday. Run and get your Gabriella’s Winter Coat while you can. And while you are there check out those Sansa Flare Pants if you need a quick pair of pants with excellent fit while your at it!
If you are joining us for the last day of the tour and missed out on the other posts, catch up on them below.

****this post contains affiliate links

Week 29: Sew Something Stretchy AND WWD Poolside Blog Tour!

Here we are in the dog days of summer.

That period of time here in Vermont where we spend lots of time at the bowling alley or the pool to cool off since most homes here don’t have AC. It is hot and sticky and the kids are starting to get bored and actually looking forward to school even though there is still a whole month left of the summer break (who’s brilliant idea was it to give my kids soo many weeks off during the summer?)

This week’s challenge fits in perfectly for Sew Something Stretchy because the littlest one needed a swimsuit for the pool, the tween needed some lightweight shorts to wear around the pool. Enter the Poolside Blog tour that allows me to meet all these goals! 

Previously in my  Week 22 Sew a Swimsuit post, I talked about creating a Doc McStuffins swimsuit for the Sweet Pea. If you click back you can read about how I made the adjustments. For the pattern I used the Princess Powersuit from Winter Wear Designs which has the cutest options for ruffles and skirted bottom.

What I really love about Suzanne’s patterns is that they are super easy to follow. I have made several swim suits for Sweet Pea and this pattern is one of the easiest I have ever made! Look how cute that bodice shaped up to be. This pattern has the option with and without ruffles, and with or without the skirt. The trickiest part for me was the binding around the neck, but don’t be scared. The instructions are clear and thorough to help with it. Sizing is 1-14 so I get to make Sweet Pea this suit a bunch in the coming years!


After a quick fit check it was time to hit the pool.


She loves it and gets comments about how cute it is every time we are at the pool.

Now it was on to my most difficult customer. My tween is attitude all the time. He’s a big boy so he often is too big for kids clothing because of his width but is way too short for mens stuff. And at almost 11, he appears to constantly outgrow stuff. So we opted for making the Aviator Pants into a beachcomber length shorts. This is a great pattern because it is gender neutral, so this pattern will get double duty in our house since it can be used for both the Bear and Pea. Sizing goes from 1-14, and the pattern itself is easy to follow and make adjustments. Baby Bear is at the top of the size range so while it makes me sad he loves them so much but with the style I think it will be very easy to adjust it to get a couple more years out of it for him.

He asked for fun food fabric and for his shorts to have them included but there was just a bit of fabric leftover after he demanded a tank top. Originally I thought I would use the triangle blocking that is included but he didn’t like it and asked for them to be stripes. Based on our muslin he felt they were a tad wider than he wanted for the beachcomber length so we narrowed them just a tad because it was his desire.close up side

My tween is picky about the waistband construction, if you have kiddos with sensory issues sometimes the typical waistband construction can be an issue because there is a bulkiness with sewing first then folding over. I’m going to share how I do my waistband construction since my tween said he thought I should share it.

It’s quite simple, you start with the waistband folded in half lengthwise. In most regular, construction you would sew here along the short side; with this method you will fold the band in half width wise (like my 2nd photos). Serge or sew along the raw edge, you now have the continuous circle of the waistband sewed in half but with only a one seam instead of a folded over bulk seam. Flip one side of your band over and continue with your normal method of attachment.

After making the requisite changes, he finally declared they were the perfect fit and now wants them for post pool and to sleep in. Now if he could just get rid of that attitude….


Look at that attitude, lol. Toddlers and Tweens- as the temperature rises so does the attitude. Thanks for joining me on this tour, see you next time!

Pull up a lounge chair and a cold drink, and don’t miss a single stop on the Poolside Blog Tour:

Jackie Burney for Winter Wear Designs
Meriel of Elli and Nels
Diane of Sewing With D
Livia of Liviality
Patricia of Sew Far North


***this post may contain affiliate links.

Week 24: Sew Something for a Girl

Sew something for a girl, lord, I sew for a little girl ALL THE TIME! Challenge accepted. For this week, I am announcing a pattern test a new release from Sew Bratty Patterns. This diaper cover releases today and makes very cute bummies for kiddos for the summer but also work well for bigger kiddos to cover up under dresses. there are 2 different styles one that is more like a harem short (view A) and a shorter almost bloomer style (view B). These are such a super fast sew, I whipped them up start to finish in less than 20 minutes with a serger.

They have become a summer staple for us because of the fit and comfort. The pattern releases at $5.00 but is on sale from today through Friday for $3.00.

Here are some images of the View A that I made during testing.

And some of View B.

You know a pattern is a successful one when your child asks for “lots more momma”

Week 23: Sew Something with a Collar

This week is sew something with a collar, today I come to you with a tutorial on how to add a Peter Pan style collar to a knit shirt—so challenge accepted! For this shirt, I used the Sweet Pickles Tee from Pickle Toes Patterns. ******This pattern will be retiring at the end of the month and is currently $2.00.

I went with fabric from Central Tx Fabrics that I had beautiful scraps of for the collar and a lovely cushy red cotton lycra.


For this tutorial you will need a few supplies: marker, tracing paper, color pencil. So lets get started….

I began with tracing the collar line of the shirt front. I already decided based on how petite Sweet Pea was I wanted the collar to be no bigger than 2 inches. I measured the 2 inches and marked the placement around the neckline so that I could work on the shape of my collar.

Next, I decided I wanted the collar to attach at the shoulder so I sloped the collar a bit so that it would get smaller as you get to the shoulder. (I believe my next one may include a full collar). I also wanted a it of an angle for the collar shape, but you can play with the shape of the collar drawing it in with a color pencil until its the shape you want.

At this time, we need to add the seam allowance. I drew lines out from the edge of the top part of the collar piece. I decided I wanted 1/4 inch seam allowance so I measured around the pattern piece so that the seam allowance would be even. Cut your brand new pattern piece out and figure out what fabric you want for the collar piece. You will cut 2 pairs mirror image (4 pieces total). From here you will sew your collar pieces right side together and clip along the curve in the seam allowance.

Turn right side out and iron. I opted to topstitch because my material was a bit floppy (you could also interface your collar pieces however I wanted it to be soft and cuddly for this top because its what the little one wanted).

Next I basted the collar on and sewed one side of the shoulder together then opted for a binding finish and sewing the other shoulder after attaching my binding.

You could attach both shoulders and proceed with the pattern instruction from attaching the shoulders.

I feel like this turned out pretty cute, the problem is Sweet Pea wouldn’t let me get pretty modeled photos.


***this post may contain affiliate links

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